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An Approaching and Reviews, Panasonic Programmable Controllers; Types, Features and Other Following Information

There are more tasks which need to solve by the industries to reach and realize they belonging ideas. Some of the tasks are including controlling and monitoring which is recognized as an essential following processes. Than that’s why, due to the fact, there are more products and or supported device which need to handle more controlling and monitoring for help and solve the industries intention and ideas.

Those condition also create kind of challenging matters for the industries and or manufactures that comes as a provider for help the industries intention.

One of big name are Panasonic. Which known already involved to help industries reach out they process in controlling and monitoring by offered several types of Panasonic Programmable Controllers. It was totally designed to be such as analog control, network communication, also the positioning control, which offer an outstanding price-performance ratio.

This article dedicated as reviews on several aspects that comes out with the Panasonic Programmable Controllers product. Just take a look deeper through next parts to see each products features and known what benefits can users get by using this products family.

Panasonic Programmable Controllers
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Associated to Gain ISO 9001 Costumer Company Oriented, Panasonic Programmable Controllers Offer Wide of Product Variety

A better technologies need to supported industries for increasing they standard of productivity. Through this Panasonic Programmable Controllers, users are can gain more benefits for debugging and time of programming aspect, thanks to the “know-how” programs which comes as a single bundled in with this PLC. There are vary of types which comes within this product families, and here are they.

• PLC FP-e

Called as suitable PLC for panel mounting supported, this comes with several great features such as; 2700 steps program memory, 1660 words data memory, 3-colour display with 5 character and 2 line, also 2 x RS232C or 1x RS232 + 1x RS485 interfaces, and 6 inputs/ 6 outputs + 2 thermocouple or analog inputs or 8 inputs/6 outputs.


This are multi-functional, compact and entry level PLC, which designed and offered for the users which need to gain kind of that user requirement. Comes with several features: Max. 216 I/O’s, clock or calendar function with 2 analog inputs, 1 x RS232C, 1 x RS485 max. 2 serial ports, from 2500…8000 steps program capacity, 2550…8192 words data register, also control the motion functionalities. For users which want to equipped with transistor or relay outputs (NPN) this PLC are the fit and suitable choice.


Along with new standards for compact PLC’s this product suitable for many of user intention. There are so many features aspect which come together with those belonging ideas such as : 12315…32765 words data memory, 16000…32000 steps program memory, comes with USB 2.0 port and 2 x RS232C interfaces. It was ready to operating with 64/64 inputs or outputs transistor and 54 outputs relays max, which can also handle 24 analog inputs and 12 analog inputs maximum.

Besides those products types, there are also other product which come together as Panasonic programmable controllers family, it can classified with such of this product code: FP-Sigma powerful compact PLC, FP-X PLC also FP2SH high-speed modular PLC.


Panasonic Programmable Controller are PLC which producing, designed and developed by Panasonic as former name in any electrical solution company. There are wide vary of PLC which offered to the public of industries or other users in term of giving a better choice to help users gain they needed and intention to increase working productivity.

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